Thursday, September 2, 2010


Sausalito Yacht Club
"Taking Flight"

Our front yard
The day so far: coffee, shower, run generator, change engine oil, put staysail back in it's bag, sweat, sweat, drink beer, drink more beer, think about another shower.

About beer:  I have finally figured out how to drink beer out of a can.  Don't.

Put it in a glass.  It looks more like beer and tastes much better.  I have been told all my taste is in my mouth, so take this tip as gospel.

Might take a dingy ride later.  I have recharged my camera batteries, so I will post a few Sausalito pictures later.

Oh, my apologies to the Sausalito Yacht Club.  They do not charge for the use of the mooring balls, and they gave us a key to the club house, and they have the best showers since our condo four years ago.  Way to go Sausalito!


  1. Paul and Judy......Great pictures of the trip down the coast and love your blog Paul...I am pleasently surprized with your prose and really enjoy your comments....keep it up. I (we) are totally jealous of your adventure starting. We are trying to figure ours out soon too, but may take a few months, but will happen one way or another.

  2. Loved Sausolita Yacht Club. They love to party and always have something going on. Kind of a small town YC