Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Ali and Ouest
Two of the three Bums
Foster's Bar
and Big Game Mausoleun
The must see place in Rio Vista
Foster's Bar

Our back yard
Taken while talking with Dan

"Eastern Washington" on
Sacramento River
"Eastern Washington" with water

Left Pittsburg this morning for Rio Vista, about 15 miles up the Sacramento River.  It amazed us because it looked so much like eastern Washington.  We are tied up in Delta Marina, just a short walk from down town Rio Vista.

We asked the marina guy what we should see in Rio Vista, and without a moment's thought he sent us off to Foster's.  "You'll see why when you get there."  I guess so.  It is unique.  The people there were  nice, and they do vacuum and polish the victims.  Every other week.

We did something else today.  Much nicer.  We met Pat, Ali and Ouest.  I have been reading their blog, "Bumfuzzle", for years now.  They are amazing people who sailed around the world, traveled in a VW van from Alaska to Terra del Fuego, and raced in their antique Porsche across America.  They are preparing for their next adventure, this time with an additional crew member, Ouest.

They are smart, determined people who know how to achieve their dreams.  Did I mention they were smart.  I forgot to ask Pat where I should put my 401k.  Pat, email me.....

Check out their story at: http://www.bumfuzzle.com/

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