Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We've been spending the morning at home.  We had planned on going grocery shopping, but the plan didn't survive the night and morning of high winds.  We've been having 15 knot wind with gusts above 30, and I'm not comfortable leaving the boat, even after putting another line on the ball.  We now have two 5/8" and one 3/4" lines out.  Probably enough strength there to tow the Golden Gate Bridge, but not enough for me to feel OK with leaving.  We're about three miles inside the bay, and on an ebb tide our boat could be miles out to sea before we knew it was gone.  It would probably be found by a guy on a big tug who would tow it in and, just to be nice, sell it back to us.  Or maybe some Liberian boat would run over it just for fun and crush it like a egg, sending it and all my clean underwear to the bottom of the sea.

I'm like a guy with elastic waist band pants,  a belt and suspenders, who's still afraid to leave the house 'cause his pants might fall off.  I'll get better with experience, but for now it feels right.

Judy is coping with the enforced idleness by "forgetting" to take her narcolepsy pill, and sleeping all day with the cat.

I think the wind is dying off a bit...  Might get to Safeway after all.

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