Thursday, September 23, 2010


Today we leave the warmth of late summer on the delta for the coolness of early fall in San Francisco Bay.  We have had a fantastic time here, but we need to get ourselves on down the California coast to LA and beyond.

We have been thinking about our itinerary.  We know we will be stopping in Half Moon Bay, Monterey, San Simeon.  It gets a bit sketchy after that.  I wouldn't mind stopping in Morro Bay, but  Port San Luis makes more sense as it is twenty miles closer to Point Conception and Morro Bay can be a tricky entrance in north or west swell.

After San Luis it's gonna be into Ventura for long delayed boat projects.  Water maker installation, rebuilding and re-plumbing the head being the two most onerous on the list.  Might even add two more solar panels, as I hate running my generator.  Just don't want to have to rely on it so much.

Life up here in the Delta is good, it's a water world where the people are as warm as the climate.  We are going to miss it.


Like everywhere all is not good;  prices are high, the ecology is endangered as stream flows change because ever more water is diverted south, and the state government is 80 or so days overdue on its budget, threatening services needed to keep the dikes repaired and bridges operating.

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