Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Looking up the Sacramento
past Isleton

Ron's dock

Continued on up the river today, the Sacramento River.  In all it was less then a ten mile day.  Just about right.  I was able to get into Rio Vista and do some mailing and pick up half a dozen heavy weight cookies at the bakery, and still have plenty of time to get to Isleton.  I thought we were heading through Three Mile Slough the the San Joaquin River until someone on the dock told us we shouldn't miss Isleton and Walnut Grove. 

Walnut Grove is way up the river.  I never thought we would head that far in, but what the heck.  We need to be in fresh water about another week to kill all the salt water growth that has been accumulating on our hull.  Lot easier to do it this way then to scrub it off from the dingy.

We were coming into Isleton looking for the public dock.  Saw a nice looking one and made an approach.  Too bad, private property signs all over it.  Just as we started pulling back out into the river to find the public dock, Ron started yelling a welcome to us and waved us in to use his dock.  Turns out he is selling his place, and had buyers arriving momentarily.  Told us we were perfect staging for his dock, and that we were welcome to spend the night and hook up to his power.  Turns out we are now cheap props in Ron's life.  That's OK, saved us a bundle on marina fees, plus the steakhouse we hoped to find for dinner tonight is right across the street.

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  1. ...really enjoying your blog. We're fairly new PSCC members, knew you were leaving, and glad to get to follow your adventures. Good luck, and have fun!

    Mary and John
    S/V Slappey II