Monday, September 27, 2010


We finally broke the bonds of attraction that had tied us to the Bay area, and sailed westward under the Golden Gate Bridge.  I have sailed into the Bay three times now, having crewed for others on their trips from Seattle, but this was the first time headed out.

Rick came down the day before we left, and took us on a hike up Mount Tamalpais.  It was a bit arduous for a couple out of shape old farts, but the effort was worth it.

The views were spectacular.  We could see San Francisco and the Bay to the southeast and the Pacific looking southwest to Points San Pedro and Montara (which we passed on our way here). 

After the hike we went out to Stinson Beach looking for beer and sustenance, finding both in a funky beach bistro.  One of the very nice things about being close to SF is that one can find Anchor Steam beer on tap.

It was crazy busy.  Everybody in SF was there enjoying the warm weather on the beach.  One fellow was enjoying the beach in his own unique (crazy?) way.

Check out the guy climbing the rock

On our drive back from the beach we were passed by a swarm of emergency vehicles.  I hope they weren't going to help this fellow, nothing below him but rocks and water. 

We'll be here until tomorrow and head out to Santa Cruz or Monterey.  I have heard these names; Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, Monterey all my life, and now I get to go see them.  Yahoo!!

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