Monday, September 13, 2010


I have heard there is a law prohibiting the use of the spelling "Pittburgh" anywhere other then in Pennsylvania. So here we are, happily, in Pittsburg, Ca.

Watched the Seahawks beat the 49er this afternoon.

Had the pleasure of meeting some folks who did not hold it against me that I was rooting for Seattle rather then SF, in fact, they came to the boat and we got a little bit shit faced.

Marvelous people. I wish I remembered their names.

I should say that Judy told me not to write a blog tonight 'cause I can beerly remember my own name, much else anybody else's. However I can state unequivocally it was my honor to watch our new friends go down to defeat along with thier 49ers.

I cannot fully express, being mawkishly inebriated, how lucky I feel, sitting here in my comfort, writing about my day. 

I have been reading about Sophocles, who wrote: 

Not to be born surpasses thought and speech,
The second best is to have seen the light
And then to go back quickly whence we came.

How terrrible it must have been in his age  to wish for nonexistence rather then life.  How fortunate to be here now, living such a blessed life.  I am truly lucky.

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