Sunday, October 31, 2010


We arrived San Diego this morning about 6am, two hours before the marina office opened to assign a slip, so we wondered around outside for awhile before coming in....with the Navy.

They approached the Bay announcing that all boats were required to maintain 500 feet of separation from them, but since we were already in the fairly narrow entrance channel they informed us to stay to the right and they would pass us on our port side.  No problem.  I bet that somewhere on board there was an 18 year old with M16 aimed at us just in case we turned belligerent.

It's nice to be here .  San Diego is the last US port we will be in for some time, and is the last port on the leg from San Francisco.  Next stop will be Ensenada, Mexico to check in.

Brad from Walnut Grove gave us a call today to let us know that a letter Judy wrote to the Bay and Delta Yachtsman Magazine had been published,  along with Brad's picture of Grace approaching the Walnut Grove bridge.  It was a nice reminder of the the great time we had there.

We're off to bed now, having gotten very limited sleep in the last couple days.  Will relate our Catalina Island experience tomorrow.

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