Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We just can't stay out of that Ventura breakfast place with the interesting menu.  They serve "Pot" with the breakfast specials.

 Monday morning we had breakfast with our friends Mike and Nita, also members and past commodores, of our cruising club.  They arrived Sunday night, rejoining their boat "Odessa".  It has been waiting patiently since Mike left it here almost three months ago.

Naturally, after breakfast, it was more boat projects.  I am getting tired of them.  We need to do some sailing.

The one fun thing today was replacing our domestic water pump.  Exciting huh.  But this new one is so quiet we can barely hear it, plus I was able to remove the large accumulator from under the sink, freeing up enough space that I can move the watermaker filters to a better location.

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