Monday, October 4, 2010


Clint Eastwood was mayor there in the 80's. 

That's all I knew about Carmel when we climbed on the bus that took us there from Monterey.

I figured on another afternoon of people watching out on the sidewalk while Judy browsed tee shirt and trinket shops.  Not so, instead I ended up dragging her, not unwillingly, through one after another of the finest art galleries I have ever seen.  Any one of which could be transported whole to the Seattle Art Museum. 

I was told by one of the owners that Carmel galleries are favored by artists worldwide.  Apparently works shown here fetch very good prices. 

Price doesn't mean much when it comes to the quality of art, but it does give an idea of it's popularity, and this stuff is popular.  $10 to  $20 thousand was common.  50k and above not uncommon.  Several pieces, early post impressionist, were at more then a million.

Post Impressionist sketch

Post Impressionist sketch

I've spent less buying a home then what these sketches are priced at.  Doesn't matter, I like them.  A lot.

We met the owner of a gallery that was filled with his own art.

Richard MacDonald

His sculptures were easily the best in town.  I particularly like their texture and warmth.  Besides posing for the above photo, the studio allowed me to take a limited number of pictures.

MacDonald is a sharp businessman.  He has three or four other galleries in the U.S. and Europe exclusively for his art.  Also, he gives classes in his studio and presents seminars around the country.  One of his seminars is devoted to the business of art.  How to make a buck.  I think he has.....many times over.

One more drawing, not hanging anywhere. It's a portrait of his son, by an unknown Seattle artist.  The only piece the guy ever finished.  Unfortunately it was stained during a food fight while hanging in the dining room.


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  1. So you did that picture..I had no idea..Way to go! you need to pick up that hidden talent once again my friend!