Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Here at the Grace blog we have two editorial policies. # 1. Only publish what is fit and proper.  #2. Don't make policy you'll forget by the next morning.

So more shots of my butt. Sorry, Policy #1 forbids it. Eight sizes ago maybe it was fit, but not now.  That era has come and gone.

Ergo, some boring pictures of water maker installation, the object of my attention for the last two days.

Monday Judy and I figured out where all the pieces of this water maker were going to go.  In a very cramped boat space is premium, and making space took a long time.  Having this figured out, it was then time to make a shopping list and go fill it.  A quick walk to our local (300 yards away) marine store and I got almost everything on the list.  Back home I was able to do some actual work before happy hour.

Got the high pressure pump in.  Should have been a 10 minute job, but I wanted it mounted up high enough so I could drain oil out of the thing, and also isolated from the floor by a vibration matt.  Took a couple hours.

Today, I brought power down to the pump from a breaker near the log desk and plumbed sea water to the first filter.  Good enough.  Should have more thrilling progress to report tomorrow.


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