Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shilshole Bay Marina Boaters.......

Eat yer hearts out.  

Anacapa Marina Boater's Lounge

Anacapa Marina Boater's Hot Tub
There is a sauna too.  A BYOB bar in the lounge with a nice TV (with cable). 

One thing they don't have are quarter machines in the showers.  The marina manager at Ventura Isle Marina was stunned that you Shilshole guys have to pay to keep clean.  It's free down here.

Nice landscaping too.

There is one thing that could be improved.

How many A docks do they need?

If you're a newbie here it can be hard to find slip A44.  It took us a couple tries.  But that's another near disaster story I'm not so good at relating.  Maybe tomorrow.

One other thing I would like to say, the marina staff  and especially Lucy, are fantastic.  I get the feeling they really like their customers, and they show it.  When we asked where the nearest grocery store was they immediately offered us a ride over and back.  We took them up on the offer, and had them pick us up after we were done shopping. 

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