Sunday, October 24, 2010


Next to Venture harbor is a 90's style shopping village composed of small buildings of various sizes and colors that once were filled with trendy shops and restaurants. Now it's a crumbling mess with faded paint, siding falling off, doorways boarded over and roofs needing immediate repair. I don't know what possessed us to wander into this decrepit place, but I'm glad we did because we hit a mother lode

The Ventura County Maritime Museum.

On the outside it is not fairing much better then its surroundings, but inside it is a fantasy come true.  On it's walls are masterworks of maritime art dating from the 17th century.  Hanging, right there, in the open,  touchable.  And they allowed me to take pictures (no flashes!).  Oops, they told me after I took several pictures with flash.  I guess the bright light is not good for these old guys.

Tzar Peter landing in Holland


I have to continue this on another post. I have apparently run out of room. 

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