Monday, October 18, 2010


Breakfast with Puget Sound Cruising Club
Ventura Branch
Before Brownian motion scattered us, the Ventura contingent of our club managed to get together this morning for breakfast.  Panta Rhei and Ponderosa are headed for the Channel Islands.  Judy and I headed back to boat projects.

The resturant had an offering that could only appear on a menu in California.

Read the top item

Our day to move on is coming, maybe tomorrow.  We will leave when I have reached a point where I am no longer dependant upon having a marine chandlery a short five minute walk away.  I think that day will be tomorrow.  I don't know if we will head over to Santa Cruz Island and the Painted Cave or down the coast seven miles to a marina with a heated pool and hot tub.  It has a reciprocal arrangement with our marina, so we have already paid for it. Close call.

We'll make one more stop here at Ventura, to meet Mike and Nita next Monday.  We'll pick up the computer they have kindly made room for in their stuffed rental car, have dinner with them, and then go somewhere south.  Don't know where exactly.  The Admiral hasn't told me yet.

Had the dingy hanging out overnight to dry.  It was pretty well drained this morning, so I began sealing up the leaks that were allowing water into the cavity between the inner and outer hull of the hard bottom.  Will finish tomorrow morning, then school's out.  Under way again!

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