Sunday, August 29, 2010


Sitting here I'm reminded of a story I heard once. A young yogi asked his guru "What do you do when you find Nirvana?" His teacher said "Wash your dirty dishes." Arriving here today may be as close to Nirvana as I get. After a couple calls, a couple bolts of booze and a stogie (thanks Vern), I did the dishes that accumulated on our over-nighter from Fort Bragg.

It is such a relief to be here. I am reminded of a Charlie Musselwhite lyric: "Doubts fell like rain, my mind was flooded." That's me, my doubts were drowning me for a couple of weeks before we left. I finally resorted to some unused sleeping pills that had been prescribed a while back, or I wouldn't have been able to sleep.

Still got a ways to go, but the real heavy lifting may be over.


  1. Congratulations. Fine looking cigar you got there. No stogie that.

  2. Judy and Paul, your my heros. Great accomplishment, an adventure to add to all those of the recent and distant past. I could elaborate, but I'll reserve that for when I can sit on the deck of your craft to share those private thoughts. With love and admiration. Donald

  3. Hey, congrats Paul & Judy! I remember the feeling well of getting under that bridge. It's all downhill from there. Enjoy!

    Teresa, Rob & Maya
    SV Yohelah

    PS: LOVE your blog! Thanks for taking us along.

  4. What a great Blog!! This is definitely Paul and Judy's "Excellent Adventure". Unfortunetly, we are two of the 100,000 who will never take the trip, but we love to live vicariously through your experiences. It is just like being there - well, sort of.
    We are so sorry to here about Daisy. Been there with several cats and definitely can understand the lose. If you just can't live without a second cat, however, we have one we would be glad to ship down to you, ha.
    Take Care. Our thoughts and prayer are with you.

  5. Wow memories... I remember crossing under this bridge like it was yesterday! I can't believe how long ago that was! Really glad I got to join you and mom on some of your adventures :)