Monday, August 9, 2010

DAY 2 & 3

Tatoosh Island

Neah Bay

Just a bit short of the big left turn at Tatoosh Island. This trip really starts tomorrow with our first sea leg. It may only be a little over a hundred miles to Westport geographically, but psychologically it is huge. We've been working towards this for a long long time.

Today we hung out to take care of the chaos that we left Seattle with. Restowed things, finished projects, replaced a blown battery monitor fuse, reconnected a water temperature sender wire, installed a wood board on our life line stanchions for attaching extra fuel jugs, troubleshot our computer and installed some necessary drives to get on the Macaw Indian wifi system. Busy day. Be nice to just go sailing.

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  1. Bon voyage. Probably best to let the cat jump ship or face a 'burial' at sea.