Thursday, August 19, 2010


Written while at anchor Tuesday, 8/17

I'm sitting in the cockpit watching the incoming tide gradually cover the threatening rocks two hundred yards astern. Threatening because should our anchor drag the south wind we now have would carry us onto them within minutes. Sleeping would be problematic except we have a 77 pound Spade anchor pinning us to the sea floor.

This anchor is designed for a boat twice our size and easily passes the laugh test which is: if folks walking by your boat laugh when then see your anchor, then you have passed the laugh test.

Sitting here now looking at those rocks, I'm glad we went big, will sleep well tonight.

We came down the coast about a hundred miles or so from Newport, leaving at 1:30 in the afternoon arriving here 24 hours later. We did some sailing, but the winds became light, so we had to turn on the motor for the bulk of the trip. Tomorrow we are off for Brookings, about 50 sea miles south. Sea miles 'cause we can't go as a crow would, but must dodge around some reefs.

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  1. Hi Guys - Gal & Cat !!!
    OK I finally got connected to you !
    Read all the entries ! Still envious as heck ! Congratulations on transiting Cape Blanco ! I have had some hellacious times there, in times past.

    Your making great progress - best of luck and favorable winds !!