Saturday, August 7, 2010


Point Wilson

Had a nice run from Port Townsend to Port Angeles. Took about six and a half hours against a flood tide. We did manage to get around Point Wilson a little before the ebb slack, so got a good start.

You may be wondering what happened to the Seattle to Port Townsend leg. It took place yesterday, on Friday. As all salts and wannabe salts know leaving on a Friday is bad luck, so we didn't start on Friday, we just positioned the boat in Port Townsend for our day one launch to Port Angeles.

I'm really not superstitious, but why tempt fate. Anyway Friday began miserably. I had to put an old friend to sleep. Our cat Daisy began a serious decline on Wednesday and Thursday. She couldn't hold any food down, and was becoming incontinent in our bed. She has been frail for quite awhile now, so we felt it would be more cruel to take her to sea then to put her to sleep. She has been in the family for 19 years, and it really hurt. Fortunately our daughter works at the vet and took very good care with her, and with me, as I was losing it pretty bad.

On the drive to her office I blew thru about a half dozen or so yellow traffic lights. It seemed as though every other light turned yellow as I came up to the intersections.  I am pretty sure it was not an omen, but if it were an omen it probably meant I should stop running yellow lights.

Tomorrow it's off to Neah Bay, then on Monday Westport. Will report in from there.

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