Wednesday, March 23, 2016

!!!!!!! UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE !!!!!!!!! UPDATE !!!!!!!


We have come back "home" to La Cruz.  La Cruz is on Banderas Bay about twenty miles north of Puerto Vallarta.  It's our favorite place in Mexico, and we usually stay here way to long.

Our son Kris is coming down to visit Thursday for a couple weeks.  When he leaves so will we.  We want to be in La Paz sometime in April.

The 1000 miles from Chiapas to La Cruz was difficult.  We crossed the dangerous Gulf of Tuantepec to Hualtulco, then stopped in Acapulco, Zihuatanejo Barre de Navidad and finally La Cruz.  We struggled against adverse currents and winds up to 30 knots, always on the nose.  There were times the best we could do was two knots per hour toward our next stop. 


Last summer we returned to Seattle for the first time since we left in 2010.  It was great being back, and we would like to thank our friends who let us couch surf with them.
 Mike and Nita
Randy and Donna

Jerry and Randi

Dennis and Sue
We also visited our son Kevin while he was visiting his friend Bill on Maui.
Bill's backyard
We have a new Plan A: ship Grace back to Seattle.  We will be meeting a freighter in La Paz in May.  They will lift Grace on their deck, and take her to Victoria, B.C.  There are other plans, but this is the most probable. 
In essense, we are done with cruising,