Saturday, October 29, 2011


I've always felt lucky to have been born in the USA, the best place in the world.  I still want to believe this, but times have changed, and I'm not sure anymore that the US is the best.

How would one objectively determine the best place?

I don't really know, but this chart seems to be as good a place to start as any.  It looks at the poverty levels in the developed world, income distribution, the level of resources devoted to preparing preschool children for school and quality of health care.  It also has an overall measure termed "social justice" that the report describes as: "The differences in the prevention of poverty and access to educational opportunities...".  The report clearly demonstrates, the US is not the best place to be if you are poor.  In the US chances are if you are poor, you will remain poor and so will your children.

A large and growing permanent underclass is as much a threat to domestic tranquility as any threats from abroad.  In 2010 the US was responsible for 43% of the entire world's defense expenditures.  The Chinese spent 7.3%.  I think we can safely take a few billion from the military to educate our children and care for our sick and poor.  Besides, if our wacko politicians had a few less toys to play with we might not send our kids on dangerous, silly, expensive overseas escapades.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Took a walk with Ian of Kassasa yesterday through a gap in the hills near the "Goats' Tits" to the bay north of San Carlos.  It was quite a nice walk, as much for the cultural immersion as the beautiful scenery.

The "Goats' Tits"

Memorial markers are quite common

Memorial markers with a sense humor..
not so common

Defacing road signs..
quite common
often very funny

Condo on a hill....
residents take the spiral road
after passing inspection at the prison tower gate

Lady of Guadalupe....
her image is everywhere

 Repairs have started on the stainless damaged when we were run over the other day.  Hopefully we can begin moving again next week.  Probably will stay on the east side of the Sea of Cortez while making for Mazatlan.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Yesterday a large power boat in the next slip ran us over.  He was backing in, after a day out fishing, when a gust of wind blew him into Grace, snagging our dinghy davit, driving it through his window, snapping the 1 1/2 inch stainless tube like a cheap pretzel.  The stern pulpit is also damaged.  The owner of the boat, a 50+ foot Hatteras has agreed to pay to costs of the repair, so as of now we are not filling an insurance claim.

Davit twisted 90 degrees

Snapped davit and bent tubing.

Damage to the Hatteras

This morning we turned Grace around in the slip so the stainless repairman could get better access to it, so the pictures don't really show the large amount of room he had to get into his slip.  A 20 knot gust of wind blew him down on us, but in my mind he was just going to darn fast for the conditions and could not respond quick enough.

We will be here in San Carlos for a week or so getting this fixed, so our plans are now up the the air.  The one fixed date we have is November 22, in Mazatlan for bottom painting.  Should make that with no problem.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


We have left Behia de Los Angeles and are beginning to make our way south now that the hurricane season is coming to an end.  Our first stop: San Carlos.  It is about 150 miles to the southeast of BLA on the easteren shore of the Sea of Cortez.  It is also a return to the world of internet, cell phones, marinas, good resturants and hotels.  In a word: Gringo.  BLA is a wonderful place, and we look forward to returning, but its very nice to be here too.
We anchored outside the marina for the first couple days waiting for a slip to open in the very busy marina.

Approaching San Carlos

San Carlos entrance

Tetas de Cabra (Goats' Teats)

Golden Eagle

We dropped the hook next to Golden Eagle, not knowing we would soon be helping Larry and Karen on Panta Rhei tow them 19 miles down the coast to Guaymas.  His engine broke down while he was sailing to San Carlos, and Panta Rhei towed them to safety here, and agreed to take him to Guaymas later for repairs.

Towing Golden Eagle

Larry and Karen
Unfortunetely this is the last of Larry and Karen we will see for some time, as they are heading to Panama for Christmas and then thru the South Pacific to New Zealand.  We are sad to see them go, as they have become great friends, but happy for them that they will be realizing a long held dream.  Good Luck you guys!


Monday, October 10, 2011


We have returned to the village in Behia de Los Angeles, having left Puerto Refugio yesterday. 

Today is internet and veggie day. 

Tomorrow we will probably head out to Punta Alacrans.  Winds have been brisk from the north making the Sea of Cortez extremely lumpy, so we will wait until the sea has settled a bit, then head east across the Sea to San Carlos.