Sunday, January 22, 2012


It has been a long time since I last updated the blog.  Well over a month.  This is the biggest gap for a long time, and I hope not to have it happen again. 

We are now back "home" in La Cruz, a small, very charming fishing village with a good anchorage and a big marina.  Despite its "gringo problem" it has not lost its Mexican identity.  Local children swarm the streets and park at all hours, especially after the sun goes down.  Parents down here are much more relaxed about giving kids freedom to enjoy themselves.  It reminds me of the 50's in the US when our parents weren't afraid of predators hunting thier kids.  I don't think any of us had ever heard the word pedophile.  How did I get around to writing about this?

Anyway to do a little catch up.  While in Mazatlan we hauled Grace and had her bottom painted, and replaced the propeller shaft bearing I damaged last summer by rapping the prop and shaft with a rope.  Not once, but twice.

It was cool to see women playing key roles in the haul out.  The Fonatur marina in Mazatlan is run by women.  The men take care of maintanence, women do everything else.  It easily the best run, cleanest, most polite marina we have stayed at while in Mexico.

Running the marine lift by remote control.

Larry and Karen inspecting the shaft bearing.

Grace propped up and ready for paint.
We had the old failing paint sanded off, an epoxy base coat and two coats of Comex bottom paint applied plus the bearing replaced.