Monday, November 5, 2012

Wanna remake yourself?

Beach Bob can help.  He has a beautiful home on the beach in Behia Los Angeles, and he will sell it to you.  You can be the new Beach Bob, Beach Jerry, Beach Paul, or Beach Bum.  I don't know the exact price, but you can afford it.  Really. 

The House

The View

The Living Room

The Neighborhood
The Beach






Beach Bob's house is on leased land.  The lease runs for several years and he has had no problem renewing it.  He pays about a hundred a month.  There is no electricity or water, but most of people like it this way.  Water is delievered from town whenever needed, and this part of Mexico is perfect for solar power. 

There are plans to run a paved road down to Beach Bob's neighborhood, along with electricity.  Prices will go up when this happens, so act quick.

Behia Los Angeles is about an 8 hour drive from San Diego on paved roads.  The village has adequate shopping.  Internet, TV and telephone are available.  The sun shines every day.

Ok, Beach Bob says make an offer.  About $30k would spike his interest.