Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Well, we've had a nice stay, an overly long stay, but tomorrow its good bye Golfito.  The anchorage here is the most protected, quietest place we've been since we left here two years ago.  It's a bay inside a bay.  The water is flat calm.  The winds are nonexistent.  The humidity is as high as the temperatures.  We haven't been this uncomfortable since the Sea of Cortez.


One of the reasons our stay was longer then expected was we had visitors.  There is nothing worse then laying awake at night listening to these guys chewing away on your boat.  We were desperate.  We had glue pads, poison and traps everywhere.  Finally got one, and as a precaution left every thing in place for another night and got another.  We think they got on board while we had the boat in a marina while we did some land travel.  Thank goodness they didn't have time to start a family. 

The place we are staying has a nice tradition of allowing cruisers to leave an autograph.  We saw several friends,  a semi famous sailing couple and some really cool designs.
Larry and Karen
Beth Leonard and Evans Starzinger
Beth wrote "The Voyagers Handbook".
Jim and Christine
Jim was our rigger in Seattle

Our humble attempt.
Based on a drawing by Bob Perry, the
designer of our boat.

Tomorrow we leave for Puerto Chiapas, Mexico, some 700 miles to the north.  It should take us about a week.