Monday, June 16, 2014


The US plays Ghana today at 6PM local time in the World Cup.  Ghana has eliminated the US in the last two World Cup games.  We're hoping for a better result today.

We have become moderately interested in futbol while here in futbol crazy Panama.  There is no choice really, as that is all there is on TV now.

We have not made our last proving run yet.  Last time we were out the engine's rpm's started surging up and down while we were returning to Balboa Yacht Club.  Coming and going from the Club requires us to run alongside the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal, and the absolute last thing we want to is to lose power anywhere near the Canal.  If we were to drift into the way of a transiting vessel the consequences could be dire.

Surging rpm's indicate the engine is not getting a steady supply of fuel, and the #1 suspect is fouled fuel filters.  I have changed our primary filters, and they were pretty dirty.  Today I will change the final filter that is mounted on the engine.  Then I will run the engine a couple hours while on the mooring to see if this has cured the problem and also to recharge our ship's batteries.


  1. May I suggest you mount a chain sprocket on the gear coupling flange, arrange a set of bicycle pedals adjacent to the coupling flange, and go.

    Steve H

    1. Steve! Great idea. Are you applying for the position? You're very welcome to come peddle with us as long as you bring Elsie.