Sunday, June 8, 2014

Update 03

It's a very quiet listless night in Grace's cockpit, the days energy was spent producing an early afternoon semi-tormenta.  Semi-tormenta  because there was no lightening during the hour long deluge. 

I'm wondering about my engine.  We took it for a three hour run this morning to test the newly recertified and reinstalled exhaust manifold.  I will test the water level tomorrow when it has cooled to room temperature and compare it to a measurement I took at the start of the day today.

Looking at the level this evening, I feel it is remotely possible that the levels will match up. 

I probably need a plan.


  1. I'm sitting on pins and needles wondering, too. I'm very uneasy about a fix when the cause is not definitive. I'd really like a little success though.

    1. We are going to be certain of the fix before doing any big jumps. Always good to hear from you.

  2. Me too. Do you think the leak was the gasket between the manifold and the elbow? The main thing though is if you are satisfied that the leak is no longer there. Do you still have enough time to leave for the Marquesas? hugs all around. Lauri and Dois

  3. We think we got the leak handled. We are still thinking of the Marquesas' this year. Maybe arriving in Sept. and leaving when the hurricane season up north is over for ;Hawaii. We are so envious of you and Windsong being back in our favorite place....PV. Wish we were there.