Friday, June 20, 2014

Isla Taboga

Anchorage for ships waiting to transit
the Canal.  Taboga is in background.
We did our final test run out to Isla Tobago, a small island with deep anchorages about 12 miles from Panama City.  Tobago served as a jumping off point for Pizarro's expeditions of plunder in Peru.

Taboga boasts that it's church, built in 1524 by Padre Hernando de Luque, dean of the Panama Cathedral, is the second oldest in the Western Hemisphere.  Padre Luque wanted Pizarro's spiritual needs attended to before he descended on the Incas. 

Iglesia San Pedro surrounded by the village of San Pedro
Taboga is popular with Panamanians as a weekend get away.  It is also beginning to attract international tourists.

For us it was a convenient distance as a final test of our water leak fixes.
Thankfully everything checked out ok, and we can put it behind us.

Only two engine projects remain: changing the starter motor and replacing the exhaust elbow.

Bridge of the Americas.  Balboa Yacht Club is in the right


  1. So does this mean you're finally getting ready to come to Ecuador?????
    Jacaranda arrived a couple of days ago and thought you might be headed our way.
    Would love to see you guys! Best of luck!!!
    Patty & Steve

    1. Last time I spoke with Judy about this, we are heading your way. I will double check with her in the morning.

  2. This is good news with your engine!! I'm glad you're going to go to Ecuador, there's a lot of great places to see there. We loved Quito and Los Banos. Los Banos has lots of beautiful waterfalls and rivers in narrow mountain valleys, with cable cars and zip lines across the valleys. Enjoy your time there and hopefully you'll have an easy passage with no more engine problems.
    Ed and Connie Quesada

  3. Paul,

    We are very happy that you finally solved that problem. Your renewed posts are wonderful. Keep it up. You have an audience!

    You will really enjoy your transit to the Marquesas. Do be sure to stop at Fatu Hiva as your crossing terminus. It is not a check in spot, so they will ask you to go on to Hiva Oa, but the island is far and away the most scenic possible landfall. Make it a quick stop and then move on. You will love it.