Thursday, June 12, 2014

Update 04

It's a very quiet listless night.  In Grace's cockpit I'm wondering about my engine once again.

The morning after I wrote Update 03 I found the water level to be low.  We had lost water again.  But something was different this time.  I saw a leak!  Water was dripping from the connection between the heat exchanger and the circulating pump.  One of the O-rings sealing the joint had failed.  I was elated.  Here was something I could see and fix. 

I tore down the engine one more time, replaced all the O-rings connecting the heat exchanger to the rest of the engine.  When everything was back together I ran the engine for a couple of hours.  It held it's water.

This morning we took a two hour test run.  The water level is holding ok.  Not perfectly the same, it is a little bit lower, but close enough to be within my margin of error.
Tomorrow morning we will take another test run.

I've started checking the weather again.

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  1. Found your blog. Hope today is positive,
    even though it is Friday 13th.