Thursday, June 5, 2014


Yesterday I tore down the engine again, removing the intake manifold, heat exchanger, exhaust manifold and mixing elbow.

From the left are the heat exchanger, exhaust manifold,
the mixing elbow is perched on the manifold
and the cylinder head with intake ports
I gave the exhaust manifold and mixing elbow to Kenny to pressure test.  He suspects the leak may be at the metal gasket mounted between the elbow and manifold.  This gasket blocks water ports in the manifold that provide cooling water to the turbo on the turbocharged version of our engine.  Kenny's pretty busy right now, so I may not hear from him for several days.

The turbo charged version of our engine has the turbo
mounted on the manifold.  Cooling water for the turbo comes
from the water jacket of the manifold 
Our engine has the mixing elbow mounted on the
manifold.  The water ports in the manifold are
blocked by the gasket (#16) that is inserted
between the elbow and manifold.
I may have found a used exhaust manifold to replace ours if it turns out being the source of the leak.  I spent hours on Skype talking with Volvo dealers, hoping to find one sitting on a dusty shelf somewhere, with no luck.  Finally I was referred to a fellow in upstate New York who collects new and used Volvo parts.  He "knows"| he has one somewhere.  He just can't remember where he put it.  If we need to replace our manifold I'll give him a call and see if he has found it.

By the way, the cost of a used manifold: $1500.  Ouch!

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  1. If you can get one for $1500, that seems a steal. Ours starts over $2K! for our old perkens 4.236. We thought we were screwed too, but it turned out to be our radiator cap... but our mechanic wasn't going to make any money on that so he didn't mention it. Anyway, I had a question... why would a gasket be installed to block water from cooling the turbo part of the manifold ("This gasket blocks water ports in the manifold that provide cooling water to the turbo")? We both really want to say we are so very sorry to hear such trouble with the engine. Frustrating, wish we were there so you and Dois could have a beer over it and solve all the problems. We're in Puerto Vallarta and our exhaust manifold is raw water cooled and the connections are showing calcium build up. We will probably be taking ours apart here to clean it out before we move on. We miss you, Lauri and Dois