Sunday, May 1, 2011


We finally got out of La Cruz Friday morning.  We will be heading north into the Sea of Cortez, the body of water seperating Baja from mainland Mexico.  Vast areas of the Sea and it's shoreline are pretty much wilderness, unchanged from before the arrival of Europeans, except that the Japanese stripped the sea of marine life in the 50's, the Gringo's turned off the Colorado River to water the desert Southwest, and there are now  migrating flocks of cruisers in thier sailboats. 

The pristine wildness of the place is one of the attractions, another is that there are hundreds of anchorages along the shore. Cruisers do not have to do any overnighters while moving from place to place.  The water is warm, snorkling is good and fishing is great, as sealife has rebounded from the Japanese fishing era.  There are few restaurants, bars and marinas in which to squander our childern's  inheritances.  Another compelling reason for cruising the Sea is that most of us are directed by our boat insurance companies to move north out of hurricane prone areas.  It is possible to satisfy this requirement by heading to the northern part of the Sea.

We had one last rig check before leaving....


Everything was lookin' good so off we go!

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