Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Several days ago the folks on Windsong, Taking Flight, Odessa and Grace took a trip to Yalapa.  Looking at the photo you'd think Yalapa is just another beautiful village nestled between a gentle surf breaking on white sands and surrounding tropical jungle, with a multitude of thatch roof palapa resturants following the curve of the beach, all caressed by tropical zephyers, with handsome young Mexican waiters rushing cervesas served in ice cold mugs to your table already laden with an abundance of chips, salsa and guacamole.  And you'd be right, it is like so many of these villages, except that there are no roads to Yalapa.

The only way to get there, and possibly the main reason Yalapa is such a popular destination, is by
panga. The forty minute ride skirting along the shoreline is  beautiful and interesting.


We were all enjoying the ride, until the panga made a stop to pick up additional passengers, including a Mexican Kokopelli trickster bringing aboard a lizard and his favorite snake.

Some of us had a bad feeling about the new arrivals.  With good reason.....

We had a close encounter with Banderas Bay pirates.  Fortunately they were snoozing under bare poles as we sped by.


We had a great day, hiking up to a small waterfall, wandering thru the village, and cavorting in the surf.


  1. Wow, snow caped rocks in Mexico, whoduthunkit.

  2. Better to have a palapa in Yelapa than a condo in Redondo.