Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Just heard from Jim Thomas at Imtra that my windlass will ship today, and should arrive in San Diego in five working days.  That sounds like Tuesday or maybe Wednesday of next week.  I will be taking a bus to Tijuana, cross the border and ride the trolley into town.  Would love to do a immediate turn around and head back the same day, but probably will spend the night. 

I will also be getting a big Amazon order.  Two Kindles, a couple water hammocks, and other goodies not available in Mexico.  Would love to get a small rail BBQ grill for Grace, but don't know if I could manage to get it all back to La Paz.  We'll see.

I should say that the folks at Imtra have been great to deal with.  They gave me a good deal on a Muir Cougar windlass they have been dragging around the country as a boat show demo for the last couple years.  It has some slight cosmetic damage, which is just fine with me because if it appears used it might be easier to get across the border.  Jim is installing a 1200 watt motor that should give me plenty of power for heaving the anchor.  Will be glad to put this issue behind us and know we are bullet proof when it comes to anchoring.

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  1. Paul,
    Looks like a 22 hour bus ride
    (926 miles)from La Paz to TJ?
    Take a lunch with you!!!!
    Enjoying your adventures via the blog. Do you miss the Lazy "B"@ DC?
    Walt @Plant2