Monday, May 2, 2011


Saturday we left Yalapa for Punta de Mita.  It is at the extreme northwest end of Banderas Bay, about 30 land miles from Puerto Vallarta.  We spent a quiet night anchored off the very nice Four Seasons resort. 

Sunday morning we went around Punta de Mita into open water and traveled about thirty miles north to Behia de Jaltemba, dropping the hook off Playa los Ayala.  Being Sunday, sunny, about 82 degrees on the beach and about 80 degrees in the water, the place was jumping.  One thing Mexicans know how to do is cut loose and have fun.  We were a several hundred yards off shore and still could hear the shouting and screams of joy over the sounds of the surf, pangas and jet skis.


Quit often boats would swing by to give passengers a view of the gringos.  One boat however seemed to be casing us. 

This guy came shooting across the bay, did a slow circle around us, then shot off again.  There have been reports of dingy motors going missing near here, so I locked our very desirable 15 hp Yamaha to the boat with two individual bike cables and locks.  The motor is still with us this morning.

Today we head for San Blas, about 30 miles north.

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  1. Hi Paul and Judy,
    We realize it is a tough life for the two of you down there, but someone has to endure it for the sake of the rest of us. The weather here in the NW has been pretty gruesome, so your pics and stories help to warm us up. Hope we get to see you two sometime this summer.
    Take Care.