Thursday, March 17, 2011


Went to Bucerias yesterday to see Dr. Mauro. He is highly regarded by the cruising community as he speaks better English then I do, will make boat calls if necessary and has a great reputation as a physician.

I am well, just went in to check on some moles. One has to be especially vigilant down here living as we do in constant sun. Everything was ok.

Dr. Mauro filled me in on what to look for.  #1. Size. Moles larger then the diameter of a pencil should be watched carefully. #2. The mole should be fairly regular in shape. If it looks like a map of North America things are not good. #3. The color should be uniform.

Entrance to the Doc's office

Waiting room

The Doc


  1. No post on your part for quite some time. Is every thing O.K.?

    Peggy will be in Colorado Springs at Easter for a few days.

    My art classes are going very well, ie. Drawing I and 2-D Design.
    Somewhat silly, but all my projects to date are "A's".

  2. Was that doctor visit 'terminal'? Or have things gotten even less exciting since then? :)