Saturday, March 12, 2011


Yesterday I learned how to spell tsunami.  I also got to join a mass marina exodus, as most of the large boats moored in marinas around Banderas Bay headed for safety in deep water.

A few of the boats headed for safety

Nobody knew what the risk was, as reports varied quite a bit.  Apparently the wave intensity is not equal everywhere.   Fingers of higher waves radiate out randomly.  Most folks figured a day sailing in the Bay was a good option condsidering the uncertainty. 

Our marina at La Cruz

One real possibility was if the tsunami was intense in our area the marinas could empty, not completely as did this one in Japan, but enough to put boats on the bottom.  The flow would soon reverse and the marina could be refilled by a violent wave surge.

We spent the day sailing back and forth across the bay with a severely reefed headsail, hoping the tsunami surges would end and we would be allowed back into port.  About 6pm the port captain announced the marina would remain closed until Saturday morning.  Dave and Anne on Taking Flight were nice enough to invite us to raft up with them for the evening.  Not only that, Anne had dinner ready when we arrived, along with ice cold cerveza.

Homes overlooking our anchorage

I feel a bit guilty for being so consumed by our little inconvienance, when so many in Japan are suffering so much.


  1. Glad your safe, watching for follow on events. Donald

  2. Paul, I am confused. I don't see anything to tell me what these pictures are. Help us out. Tell us about what's going on in La Cruz.