Thursday, March 10, 2011


While we were in Santiago Bay, Larry on our buddy boat Panta Rhei offered Mike on Odessa and myself  the use of his hookah to clean Odessa's and Grace's bottoms. 

A hooka is a deck mounted air supply, in this case a scuba tank, connected to an underwater air regulator by a long hose.  It is a convienent was to dive a limited area, like under one's boat. 

After a brief but through introduction to breathing under water, down we went to cleanse away the sea growth that has been accumulating for the last year.  Thankfully both Grace and Odessa have survived the year relatively well, with only limited growth.  The only exception was the heavy infestation at some of Grace's thru hulls.  Many were close to being plugged, not a good thing, especially at the raw water cooling inlet.  This is where seawater passes into the boat to be used for engine cooling.  It was really good to get these cleared out.  Thank you Larry!

Larry holding the air line as
I begin my dive.

Grace's prop
before cleaning

After cleaning

Thru hull opening
before cleaning


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