Tuesday, March 15, 2011


In Mexico dogs are everywhere.  Some are pets, but most seem to be feral.  I think they take up the niche that racoons are rapidly filling in the States, urban wildlife living off the detritus of civilization.  Unlike racoons Mexico's dogs are quite comfortable hanging out in plain sight, living on the streets and sidewalks, usually being treated with benign neglect.

Dogs that are lucky enough to be pets pretty much have the run of the place.  They are welcome almost everywhere.  About the only place I have not seen a dog is on a bus.  

Quite often they get fed right out of the dog food container.

This lucky fella ended up in the lap of luxury.  He is owned by a guy single handing his boat here in Mexico, and earns his keep as a chic magnet.

Mexicans by and large are extraordinarily easy going people.  About the only thing that could cause a rebellion down here would be a leash law.

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  1. Must be a challenge for you to restrain the excitement of daily life in this place.