Thursday, February 3, 2011


Soon.  As in next Thursday. 

Judy has an appointment for a root canal Sunday afternoon, and a crown prep appointment next Wednesday.  Then we're free.  No more excuses.  We're gonna be a boat again and go sailing. 

The plan is to head down the coast maybe as far as Manzanillo, perhaps Zihuatanjo.  Sometime while on our way south Judy will jump on a bus to come back to have the crown installed.  The ride from Barra de Navidad is only about 4 hours, so maybe that be where she will depart from. 

Make progress on projects.  The only significant one to complete is replacing the raw water pump for the generator.  The pump impeller is mounted on the motor shaft which passes into the pump through a seal.  This shaft is supposed to be impervious to salt water, being made of 316 stainless steel, but the shaft on our pump has dissolved badly in salt water.

316 stainless is essentially non magnetic.  A magnet should never latch onto 316.  Besides the obvious corrosion, the fact that the small magnetic has attached itself to the shaft is proof positive the pump was not built to specs.  The pump manufacturer is going to get me a new one from it's motor vendor.  I just have to figure out how to get through Mexican customs and delievered to the boat.

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  1. I'll bet customs levies a good price for this part. I had to pay 360 pesos for two screens. It about doubles their cost. and then there is the cost of transportation...another 500 pesos.