Monday, February 14, 2011


We're still here, but hoping, hoping, hoping to get going tomorrow.  The current delay has been caused by the death of our canvas maker's mother.  She passed away early last week, and understandably his focus has not been on work.  He contacted us yesterday and is hopeful that he can get everything done and on the boat tomorrow.

He is making sunbrella dingy chaps, a new sailbag for our spinnaker and covers for the 5 gallon fuel tanks we carry on deck.  The sunbrella should save a lot of wear and tear on our dingy besides protecting it from UV damage.  Will take a photo of the finished product when it arrives.

The delay has allowed us to attend a Valentine Party this evening that is being thrown by Lupe, a mexican lady who has a posh bed and breakfast somewhere nearby.  One of the old timers told us leaving Banderas Bay without making it out to Lupe's was like not seeing the pyramids while in Egypt.  Will be sure to take the camera.

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