Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I don't get it, the government in Tunsia was overthrown, Egypt is teetering on chaos, the king of Jordan has fired his government.  The Arab world may be on the brink of a paradigm change, in all likelyhood turning toward the ideals of the Islamic Brotherhood.  I have not heard much about Saudia Arabia, but I have read that there is wide-spread unhappiness with the monarchy.  If the lid comes off in Egypt I wonder if they are next.  Should the fundamentalists take over Saudi, they might turn off the tap, and we might end up competing with the Chinese for oil from Iran (that's a small joke I hope).  Yet through all this the markets are steady and oil futures are trading within it's three month range. 
I am wondering if I should get out of the market before the world gets any crazier.


  1. Just what would 'getting out of the market' mean to you? Sail power from here on out? Cashing out your Blue Chips for Enhanced Salmon or Socially Responsible Banking? Maybe rubbing sticks together on the beach? Water World maybe but you look pretty comfy in the restaurant with a cigar. We got snow, snow, snow here.

  2. Hey Paul, We have a dry oil well in North Dakota that we would be happy to have you invest in if you really want to take a flyer, ha!
    You've actually got me looking up nautical terms that I hadn't heard before. Keeps an ol' senior citizen's mind active.
    We continue voyage with you vicariously thru your great stories and outstanding pics.