Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sat. Night

And here I am at work...At least I got a bellyful of wine. Was it a good wine? I can't remember, but maybe the name gives a clue: OOPS. Yeah, a wine from Chili named OOPS. Marketed by some dude in Peru, or maybe it was Bolivia. Can't remember.

Left for work about an hour early. Takes that long to get here when you're doing the speed limit.

You know, I could make a career as a cop busting people doing the speed limit. The only folks driving the speed limit on Saturday night are drunks. Duh!!! Another give away: working taillights. Drive the speed limit with both taillight working, on a Saturday night: in my book you're a drunk felon with warrents. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

So here I am, having run the gauntlet of dumb cops, drinking decaf tea with nothing on my mind but sleep.

Oh, the boat.....

Decided to forget the inverter and all things electric, unless directly related to getting off the frigging dock. Have started to install a deckwash pump. Deckwash is a misnomer, as it will be used primarily to wash our anchor chain as we bring it back aboard. Our anchor locker, really a chain locker, is seperated from our berth by a mere 5/8" bulkhead. The bulkhead has doors, and the doors have louvers. In essence we sleep with our chain..... and I don't want to sleep with a chainful of smelly Puget Sound bottom mud.

So deck washfirst. Lazy Jacks second. And pictures to follow, when I remember to bring my camera.

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