Thursday, June 14, 2007

Boat Projects cont.

Ok, back to work.

Got a new project to add to the list.....ME!!!

We took a couple of hikes while in the San Juans and I thought I was gonna die. It was all I could do to drag my ass up the hill from the dock. My heart was pounding, my head was spinning and my legs were spaghetti. And this was only the first hill of many on the four mile walk to Turn Point Light House. I did make it. The only thing that kept me going was day- dreaming about the nice beer chilling out on the boat, awaiting my thirsty return.

We did this hike a few years ago when I was in shape, and I don't recall that it was much of a problem. I remembered it as a nice stroll. This time, however, it was a wake up call: How much sense does it make to slave away trying to have a fit boat and end up with a body that is not. A person does need to be in good condition to safely sail, I am my new first priority.

Step one was to get my bike out of storage. Two, get a tonneau cover installed on my truck to hide if from parking lot thieves and shelter it from salt air coming off the Sound. Three, find my helmet, shoes etc. stored away in some nondescript box in one of our multiple storage areas. Four, buy a new tire pump, replacing one that was stolen from bike storage in our condo. Five, (tomorrow's job) pump up the tires, climb on and ride.

Will follow the program I used last time I was starting up from scratch. Ride six days a week, starting at six miles and gradually work up from there. Last time I was doing about three hundred miles a week before my knee gave out. Actually, it wasn't really my knee that gave out it was my will. I only used the knee as an excuse. I was training for a ride across Washington in one day(286 miles), but didn't think I could make it because I lost a week vacationing in the BVI's, and a week riding the Harley from Fort Meyers, Fla. to Seattle. Lost time and lost motivation. So I put the bike away....... for about three years.

And turned into a tub of lard.

This time I am not going to overdo. I'll limit my mileage to something reasonable--50 to 60 miles per week and do the weight circuit at the gym that I've been a member at for the last four months. Will be nice to get back. Havn't been there since they gave Judy and me the new member tour. Thank God Judy goes or it would all be money down the drain.

And then there is the boat.

Started installing wire for the inverter today, but I'll save that story for next time. It'll be a good look at how I muddle through things. There is absolutely nothing elegant about the way I go about my projects, I just try not to give up until I have made all the mistakes it is possible to make...... I just sort of hang in there until I am all dumbed out.

I'll try to remember to bring my camera down here the next time I do this. All text is no fun.

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