Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I have gone a bit overboard mixing Spanish and Latin, especially since I don't know either of them, but sometimes you got to make your own fun.

Kenny did come, did see, but the vici may take longer.  Disappearing water is a non trivial problem even for him.  We have reached a tentative diagnosis, there is a part that I did not know about, and it may be leaking:  It's The Exhaust Manifold, stupid.  It too has cooling water circulating through it, and it too, after a sufficient number of years, may leak.

If it is the manifold we would never see the red coolant once it mixed with the high volume of salt water that is mixed with the hot exhaust, cooling it before it hits the rubber exhaust hose.  Kenny had me mix some Stop Leak into the cooling water while running the engine at temperature.  If this stuff stops the leak then we will remove the exhaust manifold and take it into Radiadores Alaska for pressure testing.  I have to ask Kenny if the Stop Leak works, won't the leak test show that everything is OK?  I'm thinking maybe we could borrow a boroscope from a cruiser who has offered it's use to us and have a look inside the manifold.  Perhaps the silver colored Stop Leak would show up bright and silvery at the leak site. 

The saga continues tomorrow.....

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