Friday, May 23, 2014


The weather was the day's torment.  We had a squall move directly over the moorage this afternoon, and one boat got fried.  Lightening was hitting all around.  The hotel next to the yacht club was hit.  There was a strike at the head of the dock near the boat tram, and the one solid hit in the moorage.

The weather barrage lasted about an hour, bringing torrents of rain with the thunder and lightening.  The count between them was way under 5 many times.  It's a bit unusual to get such a direct hit. Storms track over Panama City most days now.  If the storm is in your lane its gonna get real and crappy for a while, but there a lot of other lanes and most afternoons we spend time in the yacht club bar, thanking our good luck and raising one to Balboa.

We did our test run and the leak is back, but I do have another part to change....

Installed our rebuilt fresh water pump today.

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