Monday, August 13, 2012

La Paz to Santa Rosalia

We completed the 300 mile journey from La Paz to Santa Rosalia Sunday August 5th, taking a bit more then a month.  We were able to day-sail the entire way, making 14 stops. 

It was a glorious trip, perfect in all ways except for the unending boat issues.  But dealing our boat issues is the cost of admission, and can be part of the fun, when they don't crush ones spirit, suck the joy of life out of one, or make one(me) feel like the end of our cruise is at hand because of ignorance and lack of common sense.

But, soul wrenching ennui aside, we love being here in this part of Mexico.  It is a little slice of heaven, with sweet gentle people, magnificant scenery and warm waters teeming with sea life.  This 300 mile stretch has got to be one of the best cruising areas in the world.

Brothers in Everisto

Agua Verde

Puerto Escondido

Isla Danzante

Mating Ritual?
God of the Headland

 The rays belly flop back into the water with a loud splash.  There were times that hundreds of these guys were flying about Grace.  I sometimes felt a little leary on being on deck....they have fearsome stingers.

V'ger anchored in Candeleros


We were joined in Puerto Escondido by our friends Andrew and Anne on Windsong who are sharing thier summer cruise with thier lucky grandsons Nic and Greg.  They were great company and worthy Farkle opponents.  Windsong left Saturday for the States via San Carlos to take the boys home.  We were sorry to see them leave, and hope to reconnect with Anne and Andrew and possibly Nic again this fall.

Isla Coronados
atop a dormant volcano
SV Grace is the second furthest speck
in the Bay

Nic making a trail cairn

We are waiting in Santa Rosalia for a "Care Package" of parts that I will use, hopefully, to repair our water maker, gen-set, and alternator. (see "ennui" above)


  1. So do you think of the smaller rocks levelling the surface shims? I wouldnt, those are individual rocks. I dont always use shims but sometimes I need them. I dont think of it as cheating- usually i end up using shims on rocks lower down in my structure when adding top weight introduces a lean because of an imperfect fit, then without the shim the additional upper weight will bring it down- thats when i justifiably use a shim, i wont unless its necessary... I also need them at times to combat the wind, so the structure will withstand it and survive as long as possible. Most balancers will use shims at times, thugh ther eare purists who will not- but with the intricate dozen+ rock stacks, they can become necessary..... Nice stacks for Nick, creative selection of rocks

  2. Nice pictures, that hermanos foto easd muy bueno, y the rocky terrain is really interesting, love that cloudy puerto escondito pic -

  3. Awesome photos you guys! Reading everyone's blogs of the sea sure makes us miss not being there but we are enjoying our summer in Canada. See you in the fall we hope.
    Ellen & Ian
    sv Kasasa

    1. Hi Ellen,

      We finally ran into Steve today walking while walking into town for dinner. Sue is in the states so he will be here for a while before heading north.


  4. Hi to you both from American Samoa! I'm jelous you're finding worthy Farkle opponents during your summer in the Sea. Hope all your repairs go smoothly and with a minumum of the old knuckle bashing. We are "stuck" in A.S. waiting on mail so have been here for two weeks now but are really enjoying our time here. It is great to be able to slow down after our whirlwind 90 day tour of French Polynesia. The plan is to move on but no further west than is neccisary before heading north across the equator for Kiribati and The Marshalls. Oh and we are giving great thought to staying in the Fiji area for an entire year right through the hurricane season. We will either take advantage of their marina with it's hurricane gates and chains or put Island BOund in a pit while we rent a house for six months. Miss you and hope you change your mind and decide to join us in the South Pacific. ~hugs~ kat and Bill

  5. Finally recognize a lot of your pictures of the Sea of C. Love the rays pics also! Celestial is in Hawaii waiting to hear if we're approved for a week in Palmyra. We'd stay longer if they'd let us but sounds like they won't have more than two boats there at a time. We'll prob. be back in Mexico winter of 2013. donna & scott.