Sunday, July 1, 2012

Adieu La Paz

Grace will be leaving La Paz tomorrow, so I guess it would be nice for my reader (thanks Mom) to post an update. 

We had a marvelous time in La Paz.  The highlight being a visit from our good friends Randy and Donna.  Randy and I worked together at the Lazy "B" (The Boeing Company) for many years.  He is thinking about retiring soon, so short Boeing stock.  He is one of the guys there who actually give 8 for 8.  Airplane production is sure to plummet.

Watch that rope Donna!

Ensenada Grande

Randy, Donna, dogs, & a beach front fixer
with a view

Sometimes it
takes more then a capable
vehicle to get around in Mexico

Three down, five to go...

Raising the main

We did a six day mini cruise north to one of the many islands near La Paz, then went a bit furthur to San Everisto, a very small fishing village about 50 miles from La Paz.  During the six days aboard, Randy and Donna got a real good idea of what cruising a small sail boat is all about.  We had: mechanical breakdowns, high winds at anchor, a beautiful scrambling hike up an arroyo off Ensenada Grande beach, a couple days of wonderful sailing on flat water, an afternoon motoring into wind and lumpy seas.  We  drank  cervezas in a beachfront palapa while the palapa's mascota was giving birth to a litter of puppies, did a drive down to Cabo San Lucas and generally had a wonderful time just hanging out.  It was the Reader Digest version of our life in Mexico.  Thank you Randy and Donna.  Come again.  Anytime!

Since they went home we've been doing boat projects.  There was a three day stretch where I never left the boat.  Almost every big project got done, except changing the water maker membranes.  I can do that at anchor.

We will be making our way north to spend the hurricane season in Bahia de Los Angeles.  It is well north of 26 degrees latitude, and usually is not affected by hurricanes, but has one of the best hurricane holes in all of Mexico nearby just in case.


  1. Paul, Judy,

    We are reading your blog while in Raiatea, French Polynesia. It is winter here so while you swelter, think of us with sheets on while we sleep.

    Larry and Karen

  2. Thank You Paul And Judy we had a wonderful time and it was good to see you guys. Although you really put me to work. Ha ha.

    Randy and Donna

  3. So where is your mom's comment?
    We are ready for you to come East. Very different sailing I reckon. Have you read 'Lila: An inquiry into morals'? Less well known than Pirsig's 'Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance', and it was disliked by some who believed the protagonist behaved like an elitist pig toward Lila. Pirsig admitted there were parts of the story that were autobiographical. He might have done well to clarify that but he claims to be misunderstood. He certainly positions himself, at least in his own mind, as superior to Lila during their travel together but he is so much more than merely a guy who has not had his conscience raised about women and native people. He is a great straight man for Lila's teachings about the world. And they are sailing, well floating, the Hudson river in the story. While Pirsig claims to be misunderstood, I think I get him more in this book than in Zen. The practical meaning you can put to that is: if we float down the Hudson or the Mississippi, I won't have a clue how to fix anything if it breaks down but I'll do my best to be a good citizen to travel with. Remain cheerful and respectful even if the rest of you are acting like a pack of doofuses.

  4. Great pictures and comments. Loved s/v definition! Like us going from Mexico to Hawaii?? Enjoying the islands, morning doves and swimming with the dolphins here.

    Check out my new pictures!

    Donna and Scott