Tuesday, January 11, 2011


(Thanks Chris for the pic!)

I've never been one to name my emotions, not that I could if I tried, but I think I got the tag on what I was feeling at Anna Banana's bar tonight:  Poignant.

Anna's was celebrating their 15th or 20th anniversary here in La Cruz and had a terrific band playing. The musicians, from San Francisco and La Cruz, have played together on and off since the mid 70's. They were real tight and real old. Geezers. Baby Boomers. Blue Hairs. As was their audience.

I'll bet the median age in the place was well north of 65. One fellow was assisted in by friends. He was of about average age, 65 or so, wearing sandals, shorts, a tee shirt and baseball hat and had a white beard. He was me, except half his body wasn't working so well. He got himself seated. Had beers brought to the table for him and his friends, settled in and had a good time. As did everyone else.

Most of the folks were couples. Couples with mileage. Couples who danced like they had been dancing with each other for years. Thru kids, mortgages, jobs, layoffs, aging parents, schools, drugs, grades, graduations, fear, hope, wins and loses. They enhanced the music with their ease and grace.

For me and many Boomers this cruise is the last harrah. The last adventure. The last dance before the old, old years take everything away. It made me feel sad that our beauty, born by wear and tear has come, at least for me, so late and will too soon falter, fade and be lost.

Made for a poignant evening.

My God they could dance.