Saturday, January 1, 2011


 I would have been dead a day or so ago except for a drug call Azitromicina.

I may be exaggerating a little about this, but if a person can cough themselves to death I was on the way out. For about three days last week I was being wracked by fits of coughing that went on for hours at a time. Just the effort was wearing me down. My ribs were aching and I had pulled an abdominal muscle, but what was scaring me was the feeling I was one cough away from blowing a big ol' aneurism in the brain.

Fortunately the morning of my first attack, Judy and I had gone in to Bucerias to see Dr. Mauro, the local GP, and he got me started on an antibiotic called Azitromicina and some over the counter cough syrup. Cough medicine with codeine would have stopped the cough, but for some strange reason medications with codeine have not been available for several months. The doctor didn't really speculate why, but I got the distinct impression he felt there was something fishy going on. So for the next couple days my coughing continued, as the cough medicine wasn't that effective. I finished the four day course of Azitromicina yesterday, the cough has finally disappeared, and am beginning to feel good again.

I'm pretty convinced that a hundred years ago this little bronchial infection would have done me in. Thank goodness for "Zit".

Dr. Mauro is a well known figure in the cruising community here. He knows his stuff, speaks English, makes house and boat calls. He works by himself, no nurse or receptionist. He makes no appointments, makes no medical records. You come to his office and wait your turn.  And charges $200 pesos a visit, about $16 US. The Zit was way more expensive.


My camera battery died after this shot. Did not get any photos of the office or Doctor.

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