Thursday, December 2, 2010


I'm a worry-wart.  I worry about everything.  If we're going on vacation I worry about getting to the airport on time, then I worry about getting into the shortest security line, then I worry that all the overhead bins will be full and we will have to share the seat with our carry-ons, then I worry that we are taking off to close behind the previous jet, and we will be driven into the ground by his wake turbulence.  I worry when I see other jet traffic in the air. I worry our checked bags will not arrive with us.  If we are travelling to Mexico I worry about getting into the shortest immigration line, getting a red light at customs and having our bags searched. I worry about paying to much for the cab ride, that our rooms will not be on the ocean side of the hotel, about where to go for dinner and on and on.....And all the while Judy is not worried about a thing.  This worries me.


The day before this picture, while we were motoring in light air, our engine temprature guage shot up to the top of the scale.  We thought our motor was overheating so we shut it down and did not use it, even though the winds were very light and we had a hard time keeping the boat moving.  As we were approaching Cabo the winds picked up and I started to hand stear because the autopilot was not handling the beam seas well.  I was worried about holding the line that would get us around the Cape.  It was going to be dark when we arrived, so I was worried about that.  The sea bottom off Cabo San Lucas comes up to anchoring depth very close to the beach.  So I was worried about coming in close to the surf in the dark, without an engine, under sail, and dropping the hook without running over any innocents splashing in the surf.

I am worried that I worry to much.  I have talked with my good friend Gale, and eminent mental health consultant about this, I have offered him a week in paradise with us in exchange for a week of psychotherapy.  I 'm worried he won't take me up on it.

We are off to Puerto Vallarta this morning.  Its some 280 miles away.  I hope I can find it.


  1. We'd love to come for a leg of your sailing life at some point. As for professional help, I've referred you to our friend Bob who embraced Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for real. He has a calming effect on people and equipment in the face of everything from dishwashers that won't work [fork stuck in it -- Covey Hill Quebec] to broken lines on sailboats [Placenta Bay, Newfoundland] and all things in between [fashioning a lost sea cock out of the cork from a wine bottle as the boat was sinking]. And he knows how to sail.
    In the meantime, get some time on the bow mate.

  2. Have you ever worried about what would happen if the earth stopped spinning? Just askin'. Not that I've ever worried about that... (yes I would be our official ship's worrier as well).