Thursday, December 16, 2010



Arriving home last night from our trip to Guanajuato, we immediately knew something was wrong when Merideth, our boat and cat sitter, responded with a dispondant "OK" when asked how things were going.  It was Buster.  He had wandered off Sunday evening and as of Wednesday night has not come home.  He is either having a great time ashore, or has gotten himself lost.  Being a very old fellow we doubt he could party this long, so we're pretty sure he has gone lost.

There is some hope though, he has been spotted in the neighborhood ajoining the marina.  We have posted signs and will go out looking again tonight. 

We miss him.  Coming home we were looking forward to the evening listening to his complaints about us being gone so long, and then having him happily settling in between us in the V-berth.

Guanajuato was wonderful.  It is an old silver mining town, having produced vast amounts starting in the 17th century with production continuing into the early twentieth.  Some of the money managed to stay at home, and was invested in building a beautiful European style town, with a church on practically every street, some rivaling the splendor of the best of the old country.  We hope to return again.



While I play with the blog, Judy is off on a Costco run with Sue and Gary, former cruisers, who stopped by the boat several days ago.  One of the greatest benefits cruising offers is the chance to meet such wonderful people.  When she gets back we are off to the airport to say goodbye to Jerry and Randi our travelling companions, who are returning to winter in Seattle.

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  1. Good photos. I especially like the one of the 3 guys framed by that wild poster.