Friday, May 25, 2007

1st Post

Been struggling with the idea of blogging for a while now.

I like the idea of journaling. Our lives have taken a real turn lately, and it would be good to create a periodic record of events.

The problem is that I am not good at continued efforts. I can accomplish a lot when tasks have a beginning, a middle and an end. Building our last house for example was exhilerating. Required a herculean mental and physical effort that, on a daily basis, resulted in profound and lasting change. I finished on schedule, and on cost with a truly beautiful home. But when I was done, I was done. It was good to move in and move on.

The move on thing turned out to be landscaping. Judy was absolutely adament that she was not going to live in a nice new house surrouned by mud. So, off I went on the next project. Planted well over a thousand plants, all natives to the Northwest, including some that I collected from up in the hills. Installed a drip irrigation system to keep them all nicely watered through the transition to thier new home (none of them died). Also installed a sprinkler system for the bane of my existance, grass.

Beginning, middle, end. Been there done that. Now I am quit of the whole house building, landscaping thing.

I could barely bring myself to mow the darn lawn. I fought a good fight with the moles that moved in from the greenbelt behind the house to the more furtile hunting grounds my lawn provided, but in the end they were more motivated then me. I was going to rip the lawn out and plant a nice ground cover (beginning, middle, end) that would hide the piles of mole dirt and eliminate the need for a lawn mower, but we ended up selling the place and moving on to a condo before I got around to it.

I did manage to turn on the irrigation every spring.

So, daily maintanance is not my thing, and I have the good grace to excuse myself from all blame if I never write another thing. It's not really what I do.

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